2020 Dorema Quattro 225 All Season Caravan Porch Awning Grey Steel Frame

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The Dorema Quattro 225 caravan porch awning is a fantastic family sized porch, the perfect choice for weekends away and touring holidays. This great value for money awning has been produced using Doremas European standard Ten Cate All Season coated polyester which is exceptionally durable, easy to clean and maintain.

The front panel of the Quattro 225 can be rolled down to create a veranda effect or zipped out completely. There is also a door and window on both the left and right hand side for convenience.

The Quattro 225 has two cushion pads fitted to the rear legs which help to prevent any damage to the caravan and also reducing drafts inside the awning.

The Quattro 225 comes as standard with a 25mm EasyGrip steel frame but for an additional cost, an EasyGrip aluminium frame can be purchased to reduce weight and make set up easier. 

Further Details

Depth: 180cm

Width: 225cm

Designed to fit caravans with a height of 235cm to 255cm

Roof Beading: 195cm

Roof and wall material: Ten Cate All Season coated polyester (coated outside)

Frame: 25mm EasyGrip steel frame or lightweight aluminium EasyGrip frame

Ventilation: permanent ventilation in the top of the front panel.

The free standing frame enables the awning to be erected without any need for attachments to the caravan

Fitted with Safe Lock System

Available colours: charcoal/grey

Weight: Steel frame approx. 27kg or Alloy frame approx. 20kg