2020 Vango Somerby 420 Inflatable Caravan Porch Awning

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The 2020 Vango Somerby 420 Inflatable Caravan Porch Awning is ideal for summer if we are lucky enough to get one. perfect for those hot days and night, breathable Polycotton material and Sentinel Signature Fabric will help prevent getting as much condensation unlike the other canvases which do not allow air to pass through.

Designed for touring caravanners who enjoy multiple trips away throughout the year, the Somerby features flexi doors which can be opened to various levels for added ventilation, rolled back or removed completely. The smooth curve beams ensure increased headroom and door height in your caravan awning, whilst the Skylights ensure your awning is flooded with light. make the most of your campsite set up with the flexible SkyTrack® storage solution allowing you to hang lights where you need and add extra storage where required. The three front doors and 2 large side doors allow your awning to be flexible with the doors you use and the Diamond pro windows with multi-option zip privacy curtains allow you to close up for the day and explore.

    Vango AirBeam® - Quick to pitch and creates a strong and rigid structure
    Smooth Curve Beams - Increase headroom and door height
    Sentinel Signature - Combines the leading properties of both cotton and polyester to create a rich polycotton fabric to ensure breathability and an easy to maintain nature. Sentinel Signature is a high-quality fabric that is luxurious to the touch but robust and durable enough for any holiday.
    AirSpeed® Valve System and easy access positioning - Designed by Vango to inflate your AirBeam®s with even less effort
    Vango Draught Seal System - Creates a tight seal between the awning and your caravan, ensuring no draughts come into your awning. This eliminates the need for any poles in your awning, which may have potentially damaged your caravan
    SuperBeams™ - Larger diameter beams providing additional structure and stability to the awning
    SkyTrack II® System - A flexible hanging system which allows you to easily attach lighting, storage or SkyLiners
    Reflective webbing straps - Picks up torchlight so the pegging points are easily spotted in low light conditions
    Adjustable Pegging System - Allows awning to be pitched perfectly on uneven surfaces
    Diamond Pro Windows - 67% thicker than our diamond clear windows, they provide additional insulation and clearer views
    Skylight windows - Windows which run along the roof line of the awning to enhance light during the day and for star gazing at night
    Multi-privacy Zip Curtains - Simple and easy to use, creating soft lines and various options of opening
    Removable Front Doors - Adjust to be fully or half open, ideal for added ventilation
    Removable Side Doors - Adjust to be fully or half open, ideal for added ventilation or for an optional annex
    Flexi Doors - Adjust to be fully or half open, or completely removed
    High Level Ventilation - Helps to circulate air within the awning and reduces condensation
    Looped Kador Strips - Loops at either end of kador strips to aid when threading the awning through your rail
    Heavy Duty Zips and Waterproof Covers - Enhances waterproofness and child safety
    PVC Mud Strip - Positioned around the base of the awning for easy cleaning
    AirAwning® Caravan Awnings included with - Foam draught excluder pads, storm straps, bracer beams, PVC draught skirt, wheel arch covers x2, steel rock pegs & mallet with carry bag, double action pump with carry bag and easy pack carry bag
    SkyLiners included - Reduces the effects of condensation and provides a thermal barrier in cold weather.