Sunncamp Inflatable Extendable Party Tent 4m x 3m with window covers

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Sunncamp Pole Free Extendable Lounge Party Tent 4m x 3m with window covers

Sunncamp Pole Free Extendable Lounge Party Tent 4m x 3m with window covers



Party Tent 4 Meters x 3 Meters
Suncamp Pole Free Extendable Lounge Party Tent 4m x 3m with window covers for privacy
Get the Party started - No poles just air-beam, Hand Pump provided, easy erection and can be extended 2m when you purchase as an extra it could be 3 x 6, 3 x 8, 3 x 10.
ALL NEW Modular System for Inflatable Party Tents is now available. Conventional poles are replaced with durable air tubes.
To erect your Party Tent you simply attach the inflater pump (included as standard) to the air tubes and with a few pumps to the correct pressure (5 psi), your Party Tent is ready for use.
Our unique ‘Modular’ system is designed so you can create the Party Tent size of your choice. Simple, affordable upgrades allow 2m modular extensions to be added (via zips) to our 3x4m and 4x4m inflatable party tents, allowing you to create the perfect size for your corporate or private function. There is no restriction on size, it is possible to buy a 4mt x 3mt or a 4mt x 4mt Party tent and keep adding to make it whatever length you require. Somtimes you may have the space and require a 4mt x 8mt whereas sometimes circumstance dictate you may only have space to use a 4mt x 4mt, you just leave the extension pieces out and use the same basic model i.e.because of it's versatility you are not restricted to size, or usage.
All of the windows have blinds, so if it is left overnight or you do not want people to see inside when setting up they can quite simply be closed until you are ready.
Further Details:
Roof: 240gm2
Commercial Grade PE Walls: 180gm2
Commercial Grade PE Fire Retardant Certified to BS5438/BS7837
Commercial Grade PVC Windows
Overall Height: 225cm / Eave Height: 220cm
Frame: Air Frame - 12cm diameter Air Poles
Includes Commercial Grade Wheeled Carry/Storage Bag
Includes Webbing Straps and Pegs
Includes Inflator Pump with Safety Gauge and Pump Valve
Roll Up Side Panels & End Panels
Approx. Packed size: 117x56x38cm
4 x 3m Approx. Weight: 38.7kg